Business Networking & WiFi



Whether you need to host 5 computers or 100 guests, in a small office or over a large property, our WiFi solutions can scale to your business’ needs.



We plan and construct your network in ways that allow you to save money while still making sure you get the latest in networking technology and a network that can grow with your business in the future.



You shouldn’t have to be rebooting that old router every day. By using the enterprise-level hardware Triook installs, you can be sure that your network will be rock-solid, even under load.

Even when there aren’t many devices on a network, we know it’s just as critical that it stays up and running when you need it most.

Triook can help you create a secure and stable network for your small business that won’t let you down.

When the amount of devices on your network grows, so does the strain on your network. Without a proper network, you may start no notice slowdowns, pages not loading, routers needing rebooting…

It’s time you got a network that can sustain your business’ internet-hungry devices.

Triook can install networking hardware that can meet your business’ ever-growing needs, and stays strong under pressure, whether you have 10 devices or 150.

Then, we can configure and optimize your devices to best utilize the internet connection you have available, making sure all your important traffic gets through.

Providing internet access to guests has never been a small undertaking. It starts with just checking the “Enable Guest Network” box, but, before you know it, things spiral out of control.

At Triook, we create secure, scalable guest networks with everything you need, from long-range coverage to guest isolation and load balancing.

We also have both indoor and outdoor access points available, to help suit any type of deployment.

Using radio frequency analyzation technology, we can even help move your WiFi networks away from frequencies which may have harmful interference present.

Using multiple access points with specialized hardware, Triook can cover large areas with your WiFi network that you previously might have thought would be impossible to cover.

So, whether you need to cover a multi-story building, a hotel, an RV park, or an entire beach, Triook can help.

Triook brought our RV Park into the 21st century. We were in need of a park wide Wi-Fi system and Triook accommodated our needs at a reasonable cost. I give Kyle and Triook, a 5 star rating.

Rob Brechmann

Lucky Lodge RV Park