Computer Repair Services



By saving the steps of a pick-up and drop-off with a shop, we’re able to save you tons of time.


No need to worry about disconnecting and reconnecting your computer for your repair. In most cases, we can fix your issue without your computer ever leaving your home – but, even if we have to take it for more comprehensive service, we’ll handle setting it back up for you.


By not having a physical location, we’re able to save on overall costs of the business – savings which we can pass on to you!

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Just need some help fixing an issue that’s been nagging you for some time? Want to see what’s been causing that random crash every 5.267 minutes (exactly)? Concerned about the weird sound that’s been coming from the inside of your computer? No matter the problem, Triook can examine your PC and determine the repairs that you need. Unless, of course, your computer is literally haunted.

Is your computer running slow? Has it been overrun with pop-ups? Has your antivirus been warning you of an infection?

In most cases, Triook can not only remove the infection, but we can also recover most if not all of your data* from your computer.


*Every situation is different and Triook can not guarantee data recovery in all circumstances. We recommend performing regular backups to prevent data loss. 

Is your computer running slow? Does it take a few minutes just to boot up? Are you worried that it might be time to spend hundreds on a new computer, even though it seems all too soon for something as new as your current computer?

In many cases, Triook can restore much of the original performance of your PC. We’ll optimize several components of your computer, remove junk files, and check for malware.

Need to run a new program, but your computer just can’t seem to handle it? It might be time for a hardware upgrade! More RAM, a faster CPU, a better Graphics Card, whatever you need to get back up to the performance you need – We can install it and get it working just the way you need it to.

Having issues accessing your email? No matter what email client you use, we can make sure your mail keeps coming, and that you are able to stay in contact with the people who matter.

Did you buy a new printer, only to find that you can’t seem to print to it from a specific application? Is your printer spitting out pages with strange colored lines and shapes? Triook can examine your printer and find out what’s causing your issue.


I just had my computer worked done by Kyle. He is so very knowledgeable young man. It was a pleasure to watch him work. I am 83 years old So I had trouble with computers. Kyle got me straightened out. Thank you, For giving  me my sanity back

Bill Neelans

Gold Beach Resident

Kyle was very knowledgeable and quick – solved our problems very professionally. We were very happy with the service he gave to us.

JoAnn Jackson

Brookings Resident

The owner of Triook is a very capable young man, knowledgable and efficient at tech support. In my case, he arrived at the appointed time, installed some new technology, helped me understand it, and the charge for his house call was very reasonable.

Kathryn Justman

Brookings Resident

I must tell every one, we have a new computer repair person in Brookings.  Kyle Rice, although he is young he knows how to repair computers,he fixed mine in nothing flat. Kyle will work in your home or take it with him if you have to many problems. He also gives senior discounts. I will gladly refer others to Triook Technology.

Thank you Kyle you don’t know how happy you have made me.

Penny Plymale

Brookings Resident